We like to hear from you and get you the product or service you are looking for. We got you an activity in this COVID-19 pandemic situation while sitting at home. All your boredom is going to disappear because newly arrived online shopping by voice has been launched in Pakistan. Time to quit the old ways of typing and searching, and adopt the modern way of shopping online by voice.  

MiniMall.PK, the most convenient, user-friendly, and efficient e-commerce platform, is committed to creating perfect online shopping that meets the needs of daily lifestyle. We offer high quality and genuine products for everyone at affordable prices. Our main feature “Shop by Voice” is a unique and modern way that makes your online shopping enjoyable and super easy. Just search your favorite product, speak, and get it!

Now, no need for extra struggle from proper clothing to parking a car! All of these changed with online shopping because all you need is your computer and a cozy bed or a sofa and you can order your things by speaking right away, still staying in the comfort of your home. Admirable!

This thrilling online shopping mall had been launched on 23rd April 2020. Hurry up and subscribe to avail discounts.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we have announced the release of MiniMall,” said Faisal Qureshi, CEO, and founder of MiniMall. When you don’t have time to spare but want to take a step towards a sharper, stronger self, this new version offers the most exciting attribute of shopping “by voice”, Be worth connecting with MiniMall and Ready to Enjoy!

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