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Minimall.pk is presenting a wonderful variety of sweets at your doorsteps at affordable rates. You can shop by our sweets store and grab some grans Badayuni Pairey (a speciality of Mardan) and Saharanpur Gulab Jaman. Order the season of sweets for your family and friends from minimall.pk. Incredibly scrumptious sweets are perfect for your all traditional occasions. We work closely with our sellers to provide the best quality sweets at your doorstep.

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Grans Badayuni Pairey

WEIGHT: 500 Grams ORIGIN: Mardan Color: Mardan HISTORY: Badayuni Pairey – Speciality  of Mardan Delivery Charges: Rs. 100 DESCRIPTION: Mardan city is famous for it’s sweet that is named as ” Badayuni Pera” Now it has become a traditional sweet of Mardan. Though originally it is traced back to a city of Badayon in Indian district Uttar Pradesh. Badayuni pera is made of condensed milk (locally called as Khoya).  It is said that condensed milk along with sugar is heated and stirred in a huge pan untill its colour turned out into a golden brown. It took almost 2-3 hours of continuous stirring. Then after getting cool, they make small balls in shape and dip each in a very refined blended sugar. Sugar is sprinkled over it that gives a bit crunchy tatse. Mardanians love its tastes and send it as a token of love with taste to their friends, family and colleagues all over Pakistan as well as abroad.
Sharaqpur Gulab Jamun

Sharaqpur Gulab Jaman Sweet 1KG

Sharaqpur Gulab Jamun delivery are open for Lahore only for now.
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