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Grans Wild Ajwain Honey

900.00 675.00
WEIGHT: 400 Grams ORIGIN: Swat Valley Mountains NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Ajwain Flowers HARVEST TIME: Late February to April CONSISTENCY: Smooth, moderately

Grans Wild Baeri Honey

1,350.00 1,015.00
WEIGHT: 400 Grams ORIGIN: Swat Valley & Nowshera Belt NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Baeri Flowers HARVEST TIME: October to November CONSISTENCY: Smooth, Viscous, Rich &

Grans Wild Palosa Honey

750.00 565.00
WEIGHT: 400 grams ORIGIN: Swat Valley & Nowshera Belt NECTAR SOURCE: Wild Acacia (Palosa) Flowers HARVEST TIME: May to June CONSISTENCY: Smooth, Viscous, Rich