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Sometimes it may happen that people don’t know the correct spelling of the word and owing to this reason fronting problems to search it on the internet. Or you desire to search lengthy queries but don’t want to use the keyboard? Well, to cope with this situation internet browsers have come up with an amazing solution called Voice Search for you. People by using this feature can add more enthusiasm to their search and enjoy browsing.

Continuously improvement in voice search service

  • It should be noted that different internet browsers keep on improving their search features constantly. Even there are also extensive ranges of mobile search developments. These contain a new set of icons on the mobile search page that permits the consumers to find local establishments e.g. restaurants, coffee shops, attractions, etc. Once you click on an establishment, pertinent information associated with that establishment along with its address and phone number will be demonstrated.
  • Let’s take a quick look at the Voice Search service. It permits the consumers to conversant as a substitute of type to search on the Internet browser. The feature is relatively beneficial for searching words that you are not assured how to spell. While doing other errands you can perform the search process as you don’t require using your hand.

Requirements of the feature

  • What are the necessities to use this feature? Before speaking about supplies, it is imperative to inform you of one thing that Voice search could be used on the English version on the browser. There should be an up-to-date version installed on your PC. Do you already have installed? If so, just click the icon at the top right corner of the browser.
  • It is also very imperative to have a working microphone to relish this feature. If you are using a laptop or smartphone, it will have a built-in microphone. But if you are a desktop consumer, then get an external microphone. After attaching it to your computer, requisite to test the microphone in your computer’s audio settings.

How to use it?

  • Let’s see how to use the “Voice Search” feature with the help of an internet browser. There is a minor gray microphone on the right-hand side of the search box. Once you click this microphone, the conversation bubble below will specify that you can say the search term.
  • Once you have installed this on your computer or smartphones and a built-in or attached microphone you can continue to use Voice Search feature whatsoever functioning system you are using.


Minimall.pk introducing the excellent feature of voice search first time in Pakistan. This becomes a new and attractive feature for people who can’t use to write the correct spelling of the products or maybe fed up from typing and want something new or exciting. So minimall brings the solution to your problem by ordering their wonderful products at the distance of voice search not by clicking or typing.

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